About Longspur Capital

Longspur Capital advises on and manages investments in developed markets such as UK, Europe, North America and, on a selective basis, in emerging economies where a robust and enforceable legal system is in place. We have a deep network of relationships and only partner with experienced and respected contracting groups which are aligned with our own strategy of creating real long term value.

Our clients invest both in development opportunities as well as in mature operational projects or platforms. Development is an area where we have deep expertise and can add value; our approach is to source opportunities from the market for our clients to either invest directly into projects or in third party partnerships.


The Longspur Capital team brings together over 75 years of cumulative corporate finance experience and 50 years of cumulative experience in renewable energy investments.


Track Record

Longspur Capital was formed when two highly-successful investment teams merged their portfolios as part of a £250 million transaction. The teams commenced developing and investing into energy projects in 2010 and by 2017 had built the largest portfolio of Feed-In Tariff wind energy projects in the UK. In addition, the teams have successfully completed over 100 renewable energy transactions investing a further £275M into assets including Solar PV, Biomass, Gas-to-Grid, Hydro and Battery storage projects in the UK and overseas.

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